Unit A, 5 Cooting road, Aylesham CT3 3EP
Unit A, 5 Cooting road, Aylesham CT3 3EP

Electrical Contractors Whitstable

We are offering the best electrical contractors in whitstable, uk.

Electrical Contractors Whitstable

Best services in Whitstable and nearby areas

Our professional staff determines the location and designs a layout plan. We assure a complete, high-standard design for electrical installations that is efficient and energy-saving—using the best quality materials for longevity and reliability. All relevant electrical codes are used in the process. Safety measures with GFCIs and AFCIs for shocks. Integration with smart techniques and energy-convenient methods applicable to smart technologies. Documentation for future maintenance and record-keeping.

Providing the best electrical installation

  • We contribute with our electrical expertise workforce.
  • We ensure that the installation is done with high-quality electrical components. Wires, cables, outlets, circuit breakers, switches, fixtures, etc.
  • Following all guidelines (legal/safety), ensuring compliance with regulations, and designing a full electrical system. New build or self-build extensions.
  • Electrical system with electric shock resistance ground/floor with insulated devices. Protecting from heat, fire, or other shocks. 
  • Our following in-process work schedule for solar PV electrical installations is coming soon. 
  • We are certified and approved by NICEIC.
  • Professional team workers assist and install EV car chargers. Additionally, our team decides accordingly on car or vehicle type, budget, and charging needs. DC fast chargers are also an option.

Top contractors serving Whitstable and surrounding areas

We employ skilled people with experience at domestic distribution boards (consumer unit/fuse board) for upgrades or new installations.

  • We are offering at Whitstable, UK 🇬🇧
  • Contact us or book your unit from Jackson Electrical Services Kent Ltd. 

Expert electrician staff for fault finding and fixing

Our technical staff is experienced and well-educated about electrical appliances and safety precautions. We have created a team of workers with diagnostic abilities to detect electrical issues. 

  • Problem solving.
  • Communication skills are good.
  • Troubleshooting techniques.

Jackson Electrical repair services involve the following steps:

  1. Effective repair: identify the root cause of damage. 
  2. Safe handling: protection to prevent accidental injuries.
  3. High-quality repair equipment is used for longevity. 

Quality assurance is guaranteed

Our top-notch staff is always trusted and well-equipped for customer service and support.

  1. We care for your comfort! 
  2. We desire to provide you with electronic service.
  3. JES is all you need.
  4. Hire us for your ease. 

Electrical wiring of a whole unit

Wiring whole residents, apartments, or buildings involves the following steps:

  1. Placement of outlets and cables according to size and place. 
  2. We obtain permits first. 
  3. Gathering switches, fixtures, circuit breakers, and other important stuff to install electrical branches or panels. 
  4. Sometimes we prefer grounding electrical systems to protect the unit from future shock-related accidents.
  5. Checking the system, inspecting, and testing the installation. 
  6. The most important aspect of our service is customer satisfaction, as documented and reported.

We Work With

Bespoke electrical solutions for projects in Kent & South East Kent

Home Owners

Individuals or families in a property and require electrical services for maintenance, upgrades, or new installations.

Property Developers

Professionals or companies that build or renovatere properties, often requiring comprehensive electrical installations or overhauls.


Owners of rental properties who need regular electrical maintenance, inspections, and certifications to ensure the safety and compliance of their units.

Estate Agents

Agents who manage property sales or rentals and often coordinate electrical inspections or upgrades as part of the property listing process.

Housing Associations

Organisations that manage multiple housing units or complexes and require electrical services for maintenance, safety checks, and upgrades.

Architects and Interior Designers

Professionals who design or remodel homes and collaborate with electricians to ensure the electrical aspects of their designs are implemented correctly.

What Our Customers Say

Based on 21 reviews
Neil Page
Neil Page
.. professional and efficient intervention following an electrical emergency at our new house. Recommended!
Jamie Banner
Jamie Banner
We are a local hotel & feel very lucky to have been introduced to Jackson & Co soon after we opened in 2019. Over the last few years we have worked with Jackson on a few projects. The work has always been spot on with the work & attention to detail being top class. We are very lucky to have such a good electrician working with us. Jamie
Thomas Warton
Thomas Warton
I have found Jackson at Jackson electrical to be very professional. He has a great team and has rewired multiple properties for me. He has also helped out on short notice with electric emergencies. An overall very good service with quick response times.
Kevin Griggs
Kevin Griggs
Shower isolator replacement. A small job to some but a big job to us. Jackson was very quick. Polite and professional. Highly recommended
neil Brown
neil Brown
Age UK Canterbury
Tom Kontson
Tom Kontson
Having our whole house rewired by these guys. So far they have been a joy to work with Very tidy and highly recommended by us
Jackson Electrical were able to repair my electric shower; initially they thought the whole unit might need replacing but after checking the model informed me that just a part would need replacing which saved us a fair amount of money. Took a while to get the specific part so we couldn't use the shower for just over a week, but given current Covid/Brexit supply chain issues I can't fault them for this. Once the part came through the repair took less than 30 mins and now our shower works perfectly!
martin kent
martin kent
Have been using Jackson's Electrical Services for many years, and will use them again in the near future. Excellent standard of work every time. They have recently fitted security lighting to the front and rear of our property, and also provided power to a shed in the garden. Other work has included the fitting of electric showers.
Angus Robertson
Angus Robertson
Excellent standard of work and great customer service. Angus

Electrical Contractor In Whitstable

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