Unit A, 5 Cooting road, Aylesham CT3 3EP
Unit A, 5 Cooting road, Aylesham CT3 3EP

Service Locations


A historic city that we're proud to serve. Our team is always ready for any kind of project or previous samples.


From the harbor to the town center, we've been a part of many electrical projects here.

Herne Bay

Our services extend to this beautiful coastal town, ensuring homes and businesses are well-lit and safe.


A town known for its sandy beaches and vibrant arts scene, we're here to cater to all its electrical needs.


From the marina to the town's heritage sites, our electrical services cover it all.


A coastal gem, we brighten Deal with precision and care.


A historic town that deserves the best, and that's what we provide.


Famous for its white cliffs, we light up Dover's landmarks seamlessly.

South East Kent

Our services span across the entire region, ensuring no corner is left in the dark.

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