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Unit A, 5 Cooting road, Aylesham CT3 3EP

Lighting Installation Services in UK

Lighting enhances the safety, productivity and aesthetics of the working spaces. Mistakes in installing lights can ruin the charm of your residential buildings, houses and industries. Jackson Electrical Contractors provides top-notch light installation services in the UK. We are known for our professionalism, punctuality and fair pricing.

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What We Do

JES electrical contractors have been operating in the UK for the past 80 years. We believe in providing transparent services to our valued clients. Our professional electricians are experts in numerous electrical work including switches, wiring and lighting installations catering to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

As NICEIC-accredited contractors, we aim to provide efficient and reliable electrical solutions. Our services span the Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Margate, Ramsgate, Dover, Deal, Sandwich and the areas of the South East Kent.

Because of our premium quality services, we have partnered with major authorities in the UK. Some of our notable projects are International electrical testing at the British High Commission, new build installations for Graham Oates Associates, and lighting and power installations at Suna Interior Designs.

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Planned Electrical Testing On A Commercial Project

1. Garden Lighting Installation

If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your garden with outdoor lighting, then no one can help you better than JES. Our team of professional garden electricians believes in providing high quality lighting solutions to give you dreamy landscape illumination. We offer customised garden light installation to transform your garden according to your preferences. Our team also guides and suggests you the best solution for your garden. 

2. Patio Lighting Installation

Patio lights have become necessary to elevate the outdoor ambience. Terrace lightings add an artistic and stylish touch to your patio. To get the best patio lighting, contact our team. We will guide you in selecting the best lights for your patio. The electricians at JES are experts in the art and techniques of installing lights that complement your patio. 

3. Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed areas often appear dull without proper lights. However, Recessed lights paired with aesthetic ceiling fixtures take up no space and add an Instagramable touch to any touch. At JES, we offer premium recessed lighting installation services. We provide the installation of visible fixtures of lights like flush mount lighting and other lights which involve no visible hardware.

4. Pendant Light Installation

Pendant lights are stylish and on-trend. They are adored for adding a chic dramatic touch to any room. Whether you prefer a minimal pendant light or a bold statement light, you can choose the vibes that suit your taste. Installing hanging fixtures for these lights requires special expertise. The electricians at JES specialise in installing these trendy lights.

5. Spotlight Installation

Spotlights are another type of light that is in crazy demand among minimal and modernity enthusiasts these days. Focused lighting gives a rich, chic vibe. People are installing them in cabinets, stairs, plinths and ceilings. Accent illumination only looks good when carefully installed.  At JES, we have an expert team that can figure out the appropriate place for the lights and install them professionally. 

6. Smart Lighting Installation

Intelligent lighting systems are one of the beautiful examples of the elite comfort that technology has brought to us. Connected lights can be controlled by an app, allowing the user to adjust their intensity and colour. Home automation lighting not only aids disabled or elderly people but also provides a luxurious touch to aesthetic lovers.  We offer economical and reliable installation of these smart lights.

Planned Preventative Maintenance
Liam Carrying Out A Planned Electrical Testing On A Commercial Project

7. Downlighting Installation (UK Bathroom)

Downlights not only add aesthetics but also save space, and make your bathroom appear larger. Good bathroom lighting also increases the property value and is usually cost-effective. Installing ambient illumination is not difficult. However, it requires appropriate tools and relevant techniques. The technicians at JES possess both the tools and experience to install these lights.

8. Commercial Lighting Upgrade

Good business lightings impart a refreshing and lively ambience. Office illumination can help with adding visually pleasing aesthetics and increase the functionality of the working space. JES is the best option in the UK to get premium commercial lighting renovation. We just only change the lights but also guide you on the best available light options in the market.

9. LED Lighting Installation (UK Commercial)

If you still have those old CFL lights installed in your offices, then it’s the best time to get them replaced with energy-efficient lighting, LED lights are the best sustainable business lighting options and are budget-friendly require less maintenance cost and reduce energy consumption. We offer efficient installation of these lights at fair pricing.

10. Warehouse Lighting Installation in the UK

Warehouse illumination is an important factor in building brand image. It also makes the surroundings bright and suitable for working and enhances security. Getting the latest lights reduces electricity consumption and minimizes the operating cost. Large-scale lighting solutions are one of the popular services JES offers. Our industrial lighting services comply with government rules.

11. Emergency Lighting Installation (UK Warehouse)

Emergency lights can prevent the occurrence of hazardous incidents. Warehouses need backup illumination when the main electricity system becomes unavailable. The government also encourages industries to get safety lighting installed. You can get guaranteed lighting installation from JES in your warehouses.    

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Commercial Electrical Testing on a project.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Brits are replacing their old fluorescent lights with trendy LED lighting as it offers them the following benefits;

Greater Energy Efficiency

LED lights are revolutionary as they minimize energy consumption for consumers. They convert 70% of the energy into light and reduce the energy lost in heat form. It makes them a better energy-saving option.

Long lifespan

LED lights have a longer lifespan as compared to ordinary lights. They generate less heat and are made up of durable materials preventing the early burn out of them.

Sustainable Conventional Compact

fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs are hazardous to the environment as they produce excess heat contributing to CO2 emission in the atmosphere. LED lights produce less heat and consume less energy giving us major environmental benefits.

Low Maintenance Cost

LED lights are low-maintenance as they can survive shocks and vibrations, unlike filaments of ordinary lights which are prone to easy damage.LED lights don’t have any such fragile parts, making it a long-term solution which requires less frequent replacement.

Aesthetic Designs and Colour Choices

LED lights come in numerous classic and stylish designs having numerous colour options. Since these lights are diodes, they won’t get burned out easily despite changing multiple colours.

Jackson Electrical Services is a premium electrical contractor which offers efficient installation of all types of lights. Our team has expert technicians who have successful completion of multiple projects of lighting installations throughout the UK.

Why Trust Us?

We're licensed and certified with City And Guilds, ECS, NICEIC and more.

What Our Customers Say

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Neil Page
Neil Page
.. professional and efficient intervention following an electrical emergency at our new house. Recommended!
Jamie Banner
Jamie Banner
We are a local hotel & feel very lucky to have been introduced to Jackson & Co soon after we opened in 2019. Over the last few years we have worked with Jackson on a few projects. The work has always been spot on with the work & attention to detail being top class. We are very lucky to have such a good electrician working with us. Jamie
Thomas Warton
Thomas Warton
I have found Jackson at Jackson electrical to be very professional. He has a great team and has rewired multiple properties for me. He has also helped out on short notice with electric emergencies. An overall very good service with quick response times.
Kevin Griggs
Kevin Griggs
Shower isolator replacement. A small job to some but a big job to us. Jackson was very quick. Polite and professional. Highly recommended
neil Brown
neil Brown
Age UK Canterbury
Tom Kontson
Tom Kontson
Having our whole house rewired by these guys. So far they have been a joy to work with Very tidy and highly recommended by us
Jackson Electrical were able to repair my electric shower; initially they thought the whole unit might need replacing but after checking the model informed me that just a part would need replacing which saved us a fair amount of money. Took a while to get the specific part so we couldn't use the shower for just over a week, but given current Covid/Brexit supply chain issues I can't fault them for this. Once the part came through the repair took less than 30 mins and now our shower works perfectly!
martin kent
martin kent
Have been using Jackson's Electrical Services for many years, and will use them again in the near future. Excellent standard of work every time. They have recently fitted security lighting to the front and rear of our property, and also provided power to a shed in the garden. Other work has included the fitting of electric showers.
Angus Robertson
Angus Robertson
Excellent standard of work and great customer service. Angus

Frequently Asked Questions

Floodlights and spotlights are popular options for garden lighting as they can illuminate larger areas.

To create a relaxing atmosphere on your patio, consider placing cosy seatings, aesthetic lights, subtle sculptures and inviting plants.  

Any LED bulb with an 80 – 100 CRI rating can work for UK bathrooms. Smart lighting and pendant lights are the two cool options for bathroom illumination. 

When installing warehouse lighting consider light type, efficiency, levels, durability, design and maintenance. 

Mishaps can happen anywhere. Emergency lights help in situations where the main power is unavailable for any reason. It ensures the safety and security of your warehouses. 

Yes, LED lights are eco-friendly. They produce less carbon emissions, consume less energy and have no fragile parts, making them a long-term solution that ultimately saves you money.